G.T. Pellizzi

Selected solo exhibitions


G.T. Pellizzi: Constellation in Red, Yellow and Blue, The Watermill Center, Water Mill

I Transport, Sala de Arte Publico Siqueiros, Mexico City



THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH: The Retrospective 2001-2010, Bruno Bischofberger Galerie, Zurich

Self Portraits, The Fireplace Project, East Hampton



Happy Endings, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami

Empire, Cueto Project, New York



L’eau de Vie, Un Film de Jean-Luc Godard, Fundacion Jumex, Cine Morelos, Cuernavaca



Arthur Kills Again, Arthaus, Miami

Public Sculpture Tackle, Various locations, New York

Rent Strike! & Other Activist Jingles from the Crypt of Bruce High Quality, Various locations, New York

CATS on Broadway, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, Brooklyn



Maybe Not Today, Maybe Not Tomorrow. But Soon and for the Rest of Your Life, Buick Building, Miami



Hot Dog Cart, The Armory Show, New York

Art Basel Car Crash, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami