Miquel Barceló at Galeria Elvira Gonzalez Madrid Jan - Mar 2019

Miquel Barceló: Vida de Pulpo


Vida de Pulpo is the title chosen by the artist for this exhibition that is a reference to Barceló's connection with the sea, with its nature and fauna, and with the relationship between human beings and waters. A romantic and desolate vision. An unsettling stormy sea that seems to foresee the moment in which we live. Some boats with human beings and some empty boat in the middle of the sea. A large multicoloured octopus of two metres presides over one of the exhibition halls.


As part of the exhibition, a catalogue has been published which, in addition to the works on display, includes images from two notebooks that Miquel Barceló produced as he painted the works in the exhibition. In these notebooks, as a diary, you can observe the evolution of the work from its approach to its materialisation and also collect Barceló's thoughts that cover everyday subjects, daily obligations and thoughts of a philosophical and poetic nature.

January 29, 2019