Terry Winters at Auroras Sao Paulo

26 October - 21 December 2019


auroras is honored to present the first exhibition of Terry Winters in Brazil. Throughout his career, the artist has expanded the concerns of abstract art by involving contemporary concepts of the natural world. A wide range of themes are referenced, from the architecture of biological systems to the new spatial orders of data visualization. 

In his paintings, drawings and prints, a metaphorical sensibility is revealed in the expressive language of resonant shapes and figures. In his solo at auroras will be presented six recent paintings and a series of collages. The paintings that are made with oil paint, wax and resin on linen explore the materiality and gesture within an abstract process that eventually creates shapes that resemble organic structures or cybernets. His collages overlap recognizable figurative images and logos with abstract and colorful backgrounds, sometimes interspersed with technical schemes and grids. 

Simultaneously to his solo exhibition at auroras, Winters participates in a group exhibition alongside Brazilians artists Bruno Dunley, Luiza Crosman, Marina Rheingantz, Paulo Whitaker and Yuli Yamagata at Olhão, a new art space in Barra Funda, São Paulo. Both exhibitions are held in partnership with Projeto.ASP and are supported by the São Paulo State Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy. 

October 26, 2019