Ana Prata at the Sesc Pompeia

30 April - 31 July 2022

In an edition that explores the power of pigment and the possible clashes with the tradition of painting, Ana Prata is the artist invited by the project Oficio: Mancha to explore the space of the Creativity Workshops' hangar, from April 30 to July 31 2022.

Beyond its creative purpose, the craft of art is also process, labour and development. It comprises dedication to craftsmanship and potential construction of knowledge with experimentation as a primary element. Such vocations are constituents of the material and conceptual space of the Creativity Workshops at Sesc Pompeia, whose space corresponds to an effervescent meeting place, where masters and students mingle and forge singular trajectories.

After a year dedicated to actions in digital format, the Ofício project returns with the occupation called Mancha, with painting as the chosen technique and Ana Prata as guest, with the exhibition A Vida das Coisas. This new edition presents the use of the properties and powers of pigment in its multiple shades, in the possibility of clashing with the pictorial tradition and as an inspiring proponent for contemporary artists.

Ana Prata understands the challenge of exhibiting in a place of constant transit in the same way that she faces the transitoriness of her painting, moved by the spontaneity of the trajectory that has been set. Even if she escapes from the formal narrative structure, the artist responds to life through image, snaking relationships that are established by the dialogue that her works make possible.



April 30, 2022