Urs Fischer (b. 1973) lives and works between New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and his hometown of Zurich, Switzerland. An irreverent artist, he creates an absurd and ironic, eclectic and unpredictable world that questions our way of thinking about space. In order to explore the infinite possibilities of matter and to work on the temporality of his pieces, Fischer likes to employ mutable materials that burn, expire or change like bread or wax, and takes an interest in everyday objects. His production method is organic and experimental; he casts about, makes mistakes, and explores the processes of generation and destruction. From sculpture to photography, drawing and painting, the artist uses various techniques, playing with contrasts and juxtaposing elements. In 2012, the Palazzo Grassi dedicated the exhibition "Madame Fischer" to the artist. His works have also been presented there as part of the following exhibitions: "Dancing with Myself" (2018), "The world belongs to you" (2011-12), "Mapping the Studio" (2009-11), "Sequence 1" (2007), "Une Sélection Post-pop" (2006 -7), and "Where are We Going?" (2006).